Thoughts on Technology

Technology is great. It is an incredible tool, but that is all it is. A tool. Tools are to make our lives easier and this is what I try to impart to my students. It is not a being or a way of life to be inshrined. I enjoy technology, but much of my life has nothing to do with it. The important parts and what I hope to be remembered by (except by my students) are not wired in. However, even though this is not the be all of me, I do have thoughts about technology.


Hybrid Escape -- this car is probably more sophisticated than the first Moon mission. It has several computers that track all the systems. After a few months, I am now up to 31mpg. I do about half 65mph highway driving, so I will probably never get to the 36mpg on the sticker. It still is soo much better than all the other SUVs on the road and I do need the 4 wheel drive. I really enjoy sneaking up on pedestrians.