I have a new favorite author. My husband, Lee Sweetapple. He has published his first novel, Vette Head's Not Dead. The sequel and some humor stuff are works in progress. Please buy it. You can go to Books a Million and get it.

I read just about everything, though I tend not to read the lastest NY Times bestsellers until much later. I was going to post reviews here, but found a better place to do so, The Internet Book Database of Fiction. They have the reviews all categorized and put into a searchable database. There should end up being links to the best sites of my favorite authors. I actually have started to post there. I will try to keep it up. Add your favorites there. What a wonderful resource. Please check back.

In the meantime, here is a great literature site, The Top 100 books according to BBC. I have read 19 of the top 25 so I am doing pretty well.

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